Assessment Payments

At CCMC, we are constantly striving to provide important services to you. We are continuing to make available direct debit, electronic checks and credit card options for ease in assessment payments.

Multiple Accounts

When paying by mail or through your online bill payment service, it is imperative that separate checks and envelopes be used for each account. Each check should also list the account number to ensure timely and proper posting to the correct account. The remittance address for your mailed payment is:
P.O Box 105260
Atlanta, GA 30348-5260

Direct Debits

We continue to make the direct-debit payment option available at no charge. You are now able to download the direct debit form. On the home page, please select the link titled "Payment Options". At the bottom of the page a link to download the form is available.

Please follow the instructions noted on the form and return to our office for set up. If you are set up for direct-debit and your assessment has changed, the new amount will be automatically deducted.

Electronic Checks & Credit Card Payments

In order to use either of these two services, please visit our website. On the home page, please select the link titled "Payment Options" and select the state the property is in. From there, you will be linked to Union Bank, the processing service center.

While there is a $14.95 processing fee per credit card transaction, please note there is no charge for electronic check transactions. American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa are accepted. If you have recurring electronic check payments with Union Bank and your assessment has changed, it will be necessary to update your payment information with Union Bank. If you wish to make any changes to your account with Union Bank, you may access it through our website. 

CCMC and Union Bank are not related companies. To comply with privacy laws, we do not share personal information nor does CCMC have access to your recurring payment profile.

Bill Payment Services

If you are using bill payment services, please review your account number and remittance address. many bill payment services remit electronically and the correct account number is essential for proper posting. Your account number is twelve digits with no dashes or spaces. If your assessment has changed, you must also update your payment processor.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. We value our clients' input and if we can be of further assistance, please call 866-244-2262.